Since the first international Gay Games in 1982 in San Francisco, athletes from around the world have been participating in the opening ceremonies in teams from their respective cities. This has become a tradition, and every year city teams form all over the world to attend the major LGBT sports events.

team berlin is made up of the athletes and artists from Berlin and environs, together with their friends and supporters, who participate in international LGBT sports and cultural events such as the EuroGames, Gay Games, and Outgames.

This Web site gives us the opportunity to publicize and offer support for events for the different clubs whose members also belong to team berlin. Here you can also order team berlin clothing and find out about meetings and organizational planning, including registration, transportation, and accommodations for the major international LBGT events: the EuroGames, Gay Games, and Outgames.

team berlin has been competing and painting towns red since 1990 at the Vancouver Gay Games, when the team included members from both East and West Germany. Since then we have helped individual athletes and gay and lesbian clubs in different sports all come together for the Gay Games in New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Chicago; and the EuroGames in Zurich, Hanover, Munich, and Utrecht; and the first Outgames in Montreal.

Coming up are the EuroGames in Antwerp (2007) and Barcelona (2008), the Outgames in Copenhagen (2009), and the Gay Games in Cologne (2010).

So join team berlin and join the fun.