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team berlin is the connection platform of the Berlin LGBTTIQ* sport clubs and supports especially the participation of athletes at different mutual projects and events and facilitates the networking of Berlin's sport clubs and the international sport community.

We also raise the "teamgeist" for the international LSBTTIQ* sports and cultural events such as the EuroGames, Gay Games and Outgames and we organize different activities around them. team berlin offers a platform where athletes affiliated to sport clubs as well as non-affiliated athletes can meet and find information about our various projects.

team berlin was founded in 1989 for the Gay Games III in Vancouver by the LSBTTIQ* sport clubs Seitenwechsel Berlin and Vorspiel Berlin. In the following years team berlin stirred more and more clubs and individuals into action for the games. Because of the constant activities team berlin decided to get registered in 2004. Right now team berlin holds close contact to more than 2000 athletes and artists from Berlin and surroundings.

We work closely together with Berlin's LSBTTIQ* Sport Clubs, the Berlin government and LSBTTIQ* institutions like Berlin Pride and the Lesbian and Gay Street festival. team berlin`s activities are mostly sponsored by media partners and companies. That's why we are able to ask for a merely symbolic membership fee of 10 EUR per year.

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